Positive Outcomes



The aim was to provide a holistic array of therapeutic services to an underserved population of children and their families at the Lady Hochoy Home in the rural town of Gasparillo.The main focus of Occupational therapy treatment in CKFTO’s motor group for children diagnosed with Neurologic Disorders concentrates on three main areas; gross motor function, postural stability and improvement in the child’s ability to manage their Activities for Daily living (ADLs). The proposed result of therapy treatment when dealing with children with neurological conditions, is to enable them to increase their independence in their Activities for Daily living (ADLs), such as self-care and motor tasks.

CKFTO also provided teacher as well as parent/caregiver raining at the facility.





To support Repsol's outreach initiatives in the public schools in Mayaro,CKFTO launched a series of programs to assist and support both educators and parents of children with special needs in the community.

Through training sessions classroom teachers were provided with tips and tools to support their students with different learning styles. Thanks to this training, teachers we were able to identify students with therapeutic needs and CKTO provided group and individualized school based therapy and psycho educational evaluations .

The Parent/Caregiver Training was designed to provide caregivers tools to use with their children who might be experiencing obstacles to learning. It also offered an opportunity to have questions answered by trained and licensed professionals.


Fifth Company School Outreach Project

Fifth Company Moruga, is a community that statistically had the highest primary school dropout rate in the country. To ensure that children were equipped for success in primary schools in Fifth Company Moruga, CKFTO provided educator training for teachers to identify students with therapeutic needs; provided in house professional development training and supported teachers with classroom observations. Additionally children identified with learning disabilities were provided with multidisciplinary intervention and therapy.


CP Society Initiative
CAF (Corporacion Andina de Fomento)

CAF (Corporacion Andina de Fomento) Development Bank of Latinamerica, in celebration of their 50th Anniversary, partnered with Caribbean Kids and Families Therapy Organisation by funding a rehabilitation program for children with Cerebral Palsy.

Through this initiative, CAF and CKFTO collaborated with the Ministry of Social Development and Family Services by obtaining access to the National Empowerment Center (NEC) building in Carlsen Field. CKFTO provided therapies for the members of the Cerebral Society,

CKFTO began this initiative in September 2019 and provided a 10-week Motor Group Program. On December 10th - 2019, the final day of the program, CKFTO held a luncheon at the NEC to celebrate Christmas for those in attendance, distributing gifts to the children and thanking the parents for attending this program which was beneficial to both of them.

Mr Gianpiero Leoncini distributing gifts to the children in attendance at the CAF (Corporacion Andina de Fomento) Development Bank of Latinamerica event.

Members of CAF and CKFTO pose for a picture.