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Alert Group

An OT intensive group for primary school children who struggle with paying attention and sitting still in class, including children with ADHD and sensory modulation challenges. The primary focus is to help children learn to monitor, maintain, and change their level of alertness appropriate to the situation or task involved.

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Sensational Kid!

Sensational Kid! is fun-filled occupational and music therapy based sensory program for school aged children who are experiencing challenges within their school environment.

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Motor Group

An OT intensive group for children with motor disabilities, ages 3 to 10 that exposes clients to a variety of therapeutic activities using assistive technology.

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Handwriting Group

An OT occupational therapy multi-sensory group for children struggling with handwriting issues.

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Social Skills Group

Focuses on a specific variety of social skills, communication and peer interactions.

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Consultations, Seminars and Workshops

In service programs for parents, professionals and schools, offering tailored trainings and programs to educate and support each group.

The CKFTO Count Me InĀ® Puppet Show

Is designed to help children and adults learn about disabilities and chronic illnesses in an effort to bridge the gap between typical students and those with disabilities. It features 7 endearing child size multicultural puppets that portray children with disabilities. These puppets have proven to be effective communicators in helping dispel fears, myths and misconceptions about people with disabilities.

The CKFTO Kids Against Bullying Puppet Show

Helps children and adults learn about bullying prevention. It features 5 endearing multicultural, child-size puppets that portray children with and without disabilities. The program presents three skits focusing on different types of bullying (physical, verbal and social/exclusion) and lasts approximately 30 - 35 minutes. The presentation is interactive and includes opportunities for the students to share their ideas and ask questions.

CKFTO Human Trafficking Puppet Show

This program enlightens kids as well as parents and teachers on the dangers of Human Trafficking. Even though this is not in line with our disability awareness project, we deem this an important topic where the puppets are an ideal medium to get the message across.

What is a disability?

A disability may be defined as a condition which may restrict a person's mental, sensory and/or mobility functions to undertake and/or perform a task in the same way as a person who does not have a disability.

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